About Us

Purechem Cable and Wires Limited is Nigeria’s leading manufacturer of electrical cables. We at Purechem Cable & Wires Limited are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of wide range of Low Voltage Copper & Aluminum Cables and Wires of the highest quality. Our numerous customers rely on us completely for the success of their projects. We also design and manufacture standard power cables as per customer’s specific requirement.

Purechem Cable & Wires is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. Purechem follows the highest standards is five key compliance related areas viz. Health and Safety, Labour Standards, Business Ethics, Environment and Statutory and Legal requirements.

Purechem Cable & Wires commenced commercial operations in 2011 at its state of the art manufacturing factory at Sango-Otta near Lagos and today commands the highest credibility in all the markets in which it operates.

Purechem Cable & Wires is part of the Enpee Group , an international manufacturing conglomerate with over 50 years of business experience.